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About Tongli

  Tongli is situated in Wujiang District of Suzhou. It was named "Futu" which meant the rich land and changed to “Tongli” during the late Tang dynasty  which meant the united county, and the name has been used until today.

        Tongli, a national 5A class scenic area, also known as a famous historical ancient town. The town still keeps its historical vibe from the modernization and tourism industrialization, there are still 70% architectures are Ming/Qing style, the residents still keep their traditional values as a life style. The town features abundant famous sites such as Tuisi Garden, Congben Hall, Jiayin Hall, Luoxingzhou Island, Three Bridges, etc. It is also known as a famous movie shooting scenic spot.

        Tongli has its own special tradition: Crossing the three bridges— Taiping, Jili and Changqing. A crossing point where three bridges meet forms a Chinese character "", this forms a circulating walking path. Whenever there's a family having a wedding or ceremony in town, the parade will cross the three bridges and rooting "Peace and luck with long celebration!" and all the neighbours will come out and congratulate. The three bridges signify luck and happiness to the residents in town.

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